Meet Ley Nezifort - Real Estate Investor with Tips on Where to Start Part 2

Today’s video has been HIGHLY REQUESTED by many. It's a topic that most don't know about but want to. So how do you get the answers to all your questions about real estate investing? You watch parts one and two of this video series.

Landlords have the ability to earn money passively. By diversifying their portfolio and having others pay their mortgage for them (and/or earn a profit), they’re able to increase their overall wealth. Sounds great, right?

But how do you choose the right property? What are the elements you need to look for? What does a new real estate investor need to look out for?

In PART 2 of this real estate investing series, you’ll get the answers to all these questions and more! Be sure to tune in tomorrow to learn this information and hear what Ley Nezifort wishes he did differently!

Not sure how much you can set aside each month toward your real estate investing goal? Understanding your finances is the first step toward financial independence. Start the process and gain financial freedom today by setting up your budget with the MKB Budget Setter.

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