Meet Gerald Grant - The Power of Generational Wealth

Did you know that 70% of wealth dies in the second generation? Yeah, me neither. When I sat down with Gerald Grant III to discuss generational wealth, I learned lots of facts and tips on how to avoid becoming a negative statistic.

Gerald is knowledgeable and has years of experience. The great part – he’s excellent at taking difficult concepts and making them easy to understand.

this video is all about generational wealth, how to build it, and how to keep it. We also talk about where you can buy Gerald’s new book, “The Power of Generational Wealth.” Be sure to watch the video to find out more!

***DISCLAIMER: This information in this video are the sole beliefs of Gerald Grant III and do not reflect he beliefs of any of his affiliate organizations. The book discussed in this presentation – The Power of Generational Wealth – is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal, tax or investment advice. Please consult your tax and/or legal and other professional advisors regarding your particular circumstances.***

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