Meet Gabriel Montesino - The Importance of Setting a Budget

A few weeks ago, I posted a video about identifying your Financial Independence Number with Ricardo Garcia. That's step one of beginning your financial journey because this number helps you identify a general destination. Today's video is about Step 2 - the importance of setting your budget.

Setting a budget allows you to create a roadmap of sorts to help you reach your general destination. Without a budget, or roadmap, you're wandering aimlessly toward a goal. You don't need to, though. Setting a budget is SO SIMPLE, and it doesn't need to take you long.

In this video, Gabriel Montesino and I talk about why budgets are important, how they help you, some common pitfalls to avoid, and MUCH MORE! Be sure to watch the full video to get all your questions answered.

Not sure how to get your budget started? Understanding your finances is the first step toward financial independence. Start the process today and gain financial freedom today by setting up your budget with the MKB Budget Setter.

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