Keeping Track and Making Strides

Today’s blog is about tracking your successes. This is a piece that often gets overlooked because it’s deemed not as important as the other topics, such as paying off debt.

Keeping track of your successes and making strides toward your financial goals is equally as important as keeping track of your debt payments and expediting their payoff. Having a positive or exciting goal to look forward to (besides being debt free), helps keep you feeling motivated and excited to sit down and go over your budget on a consistent basis. Becoming debt free can sometimes feel like a goal that’s for someone else. But what about a goal that’s for you, like going on your dream vacation, or buying a new car?

The whole point of this mills knows bills is to change your mindset on your finances and reprogram your thoughts around doing a budget. The easiest way to do so is by providing yourself with positive reinforcement every time you sit down and review it. So, take a look at the video below, and start reaching your financial goals!

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