Gabriel Ruz - Young Entrepreneur and Web Development Expert

Starting a business or side hustle can be SCARY. You’re letting the world know that it’s your passion, you want to succeed, and you want to be financially independent. What happens if people don’t like what I have to offer? What if I fail? These, and many more, questions crossed my mind as I thought about starting Mills Knows Bills. I’m sure they’re probably running through your mind, too. That’s okay. Acknowledge them – and then start your business anyway.

I had many people supporting and encouraging me as I sifted through the idea of starting my own business. One person was Gabriel Ruz, co-founder of UNImo Studios, a web design and digital marketing agency. Here he was – two years younger than I – with a business that was eight months old. I vividly remember telling him I was toying with the idea of starting MKB, and his response was simple, “Okay. So, do it.”

But I’m too young, I’m too “this”, I’m too “that” – STOP. I wanted Gabriel to be my first expert interviewee because I think he can encourage you all to take a leap of faith, as well. Whatever your qualms are – JUST STOP. If you’re thinking about starting a business or side hustle, I invite you to watch or listen to my interview with him.

Gabriel provides a LOT of great insight and advice! We discuss what led him to start his business, what he wished he knew before starting a business, advice he would give to others, and even provides tips on how to make your website SELL.

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