Budget Setting Webinar 2 - Learn How To Set A Budget

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Setting a budget is hard. It’s emotionally draining and scary and overwhelming. Let’s change that. I WANT to change that. That’s why I created six FREE budget-setting webinars during quarantine.

I know that not everyone could make the times though. So, I recorded the webinars, and I’m posting them for FREE. This video is a recording of the first webinar. Let me walk you through setting a budget. Listen to the questions that are asked. Stop feeling like you can’t do this - because you can.

If you're Struggling to get your finances on track and not sure where to start, this video will provide step-by-step guidance on how to use Mills Knows Bills' exclusive, FREE budget setting tool and answers many questions about budgets and financial literacy in general. The MKB Budget Setter takes the guesswork out of budget-setting.

Understanding your finances is the first step gaining financial freedom. Start the process and master your money today by setting up your budget with the MKB Budget Setter.

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