Addie A. Albareda, Esq. - Bankruptcy, Debt, And Real Estate, Oh My!

I’M BANKRUPT! If you’re like me, you cringed at that statement. Bankruptcy is such a taboo topic. It often comes with feelings of failure and embarrassment. However, according to Addie A. Albareda, Esq., "Many people at some point in their life will be in a situation where they just can't pay their bills. Bankruptcy is just one tool that we have to give you a fresh start."

If it can be considered a fresh start, then why do we feel so weird when we hear about it?

If you're wondering what bankruptcy is, what the signs are if you should file for bankruptcy, or how to avoid it, I encourage you to watch the below video. We cover many great topics such and bankruptcy and debt negotiation with practical tips and how to deal with the psychology of it all.

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