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amelia      bender

Dear reader,

thank you so much for visiting my page. it's a pleasure to meet you, and i can't wait to learn more about you. my name is Amelia, but my friends and family call me mills.

some of you may be wondering, what is mills knows bills and how did it come about? fall of 2014 i sat in my dorm room, stunned that i only had $1.50 in my account. that's it. no credit card to fall back on, no savings account...nothing. where did all my money go? how am i going to eat? how can i manage my finances better? these, among many others, were questions that flooded my mind; but where would i start? i began keeping track of all expenses and income on a spreadsheet, changed my major to finance, and obtained various positions in the finance industry.


through the past five years, i have improved upon this spreadsheet, paid off $25,000 in debt in two years, and have become a budget planning expert. these experiences and practices have allowed me to help many others obtain financial freedom by cutting down others' learning curve by a few years.

if you find yourself wondering where to start, i invite you to subscribe to my free YouTube channel and download my free budget planning tools. yes, i did say free, and, no, there is no catch. I believe that those who need to hear this information the most are the ones that cannot afford it.

all my love,


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