unsure where to start

with your finances?


i'm MILLS! and, i understand. 


like many others, I didn't receive a financial education growing up. I had no money 101 class and no idea where to start.


unfortunately, I suffered for it, but that doesn't mean you need to suffer, too. I've spent years learning what I should have known before going to college.


now, I'm here to share that knowledge with you.


Setting a budget is simple

With mkb's

budget-Setting tool

you can have a budget set in just a couple hours using the free mkb budget setter. 




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set a budget

setting a budget is the most important piece of becoming financially independent. With my free tool, you can have it set within a couple hours!

learn more

increase your financial literacy by watching videos about budget setting tips, expert advice, and other personal finance help.


control money

learn how to slowly apply this knowledge every day, so you can control your finances, rather than have your finances control you.

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and interviews at any time

what dominique says

for years i've always wanted to set up a budget to save money, but never knew the right way or where to even start. with amelia's budget setting tool i was now able to do that. she sat with me and helped me making sure i filled out the right information. just like that my life was budgeted with a realistic way to save money and help me reach my goals.

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